Men’s Haircuts in Flemington, NJ

A man with a clean-cut look will turn heads. It starts with a stylish men’s haircut—one that properly frames your face and gives you the confidence you need to strut instead of just walk. When you book your appointment with The Male Room, you’re guaranteed the best cut money can buy in Flemington, Kingwood, Neshanic, Milford, and Frenchtown, NJ.

Ready for a whole new look? In addition to men’s haircuts and hair styling, we also offer men’s hair coloring. If you’re rocking a beard, we can tame that too! Stop on in for beard trimming and straight razor shaves and leave with clean lines and a fresh fade.

  • Hair Styling

    Hair Coloring

    Trying to hide that touch of gray? Touching up your roots after a previous color? Want to add a different hue to your hair? We offer 5-minute coloring with consultation beforehand, so you can be sure you’re getting the right color for your style. We use quality coloring products, leaving you with natural-looking color that lasts.

  • Beard Trimming

    Beard Trimming

    A man’s beard needs to be kempt. Don’t bother with all the tools and tutorials on how to cut and shape your beard right—leave it to us! We’ll make sure it’s got the perfect shape and contour, and that everything around the edges is clean. You won’t get a fresher fade and cleaner lines anywhere else in Flemington, NJ!

  • Men's Haircuts

    Clean-Cut Hair Styling Services

    When it comes to your hairstyle and facial hair, nothing beats the personalized hair styling attention you’ll get at The Male Room. We’re up to date on the latest and greatest styles, and always take the time to make sure you’re feeling pampered. We promise you’ll leave feeling fresh. Schedule your appointment for hair styling today and contact us at 908-788-9988.

  • Straight Razor Shaves

    Straight Razor Shaves

    Looking for a closer and cleaner shave? The Male Room in Flemington, NJ now offers straight razor shaving services. Our experienced barbers use a single-edged blade to provide a smooth finish, while also exfoliating the skin and leaving it feeling rejuvenated. With our relaxing and enjoyable experience, The Male Room is the perfect place for any man to treat himself to some self-care.